Frequently Asked Questions

How to use this app?
  1. Register yourself in the CallADriver app by providing necessary details.
  2. A verification code will be sent to your mobile to activate your profile. Upon verification you can start using the app.
  3. To find a driver, provide all mandatory details such as duration of the trip, within the city or outstation, driver reporting time and pick up address.
  4. Based on the details provided above, the CallADriver app sends the details to all nearby drivers./li>
  5. Once a driver accepts the request, the driver details (including name, contact number, licence number and a link to view his photo) will be sent to you.
Are the drivers available at any time and at any part of the city?

Yes. We have many drivers registered with us all over the City and they are available at any time at any part of the city.

How my trip duration is calculated?

The time starts when the driver reports to your place at the pick up time specified and the time ends when the trip is completed.

To whom should we pay the money?

Payment should be made directly to the drivers.

What measures are taken for customer's safety?

Upon every booking confirmation the driver details including Driver Name, Photo, Driving Licence Number and copy of the Driving Licence are sent through the app. It's customer's responsibility to verify the same once the driver reports to you.

Will the driver wash the vehicle?

No. The driver will not wash the vehicle.

How many hours/ days in advance should we book the driver?

You can always do advance booking via our application to avoid any disappointment. We are trying our level best to identify the nearby drivers when the request is made at last minute. However for both the cases the confirmation is based on driver availablity only.

Is tips mandatory?

Tips is not mandatory. The option is given with an intention to attract the drivers when you are trying to book an appointment at last minute or when there is more demand for Acting Drivers.

How can I provide feedback about the Driver?

Please use the feedback option provided in the CallADriver application to provide feedback about the Driver.